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    Sky Universe designs innovative LED lighting solutions that create a natural atmosphere in your work environment.

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Brighten up your interior

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Sky Universe designs innovative LED lighting solutions that create a natural atmosphere in your work environment. Whether creating artificial sky, landscape or other visual creation, we can offer you another look at the lighting and optimize the light environment in which you operate.

This improves the comfort of enclosed spaces or faint treatment rooms or technical (medical offices, clinics, hospitals, banks ...).

The LED, at your service

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The lighting not only allows us to see but to create different comfort zones. Lighting is an essential component in the design of spaces and is all too often the "poor relation" of interior design. This comfort lever is all the more important that it should be as far as possible, controlled to reduce power consumption.

Sustainability is a core value in our eyes. We make every effort to minimize our carbon footprint and to offer products that respect the environment. We are looking for with our suppliers, the solutions of tomorrow that will save more by providing a better viewing experience.

Finally, ethics is the driver of how we maintain relationships with our partners thread. We are transparent and wish above all customer satisfaction.

Assemblies of different sizes and styles are perfectly possible.You can download our data sheets in PDF format or for more information, please contact a counselor.


You can view a gallery of our work to uncover areas of application for our LED solutions :

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Improved anxiety spaces

Waiting rooms are anxiety places, often without opening to the outside. It is rarely possible to boredom through contemplation outward. The wait can be even more stressful over time. Using our LED solutions provide processing your waiting room into a Zen space where time is running smoothly.


The corridors have very rarely in natural light or open, as they are in the middle of the building, leading to different rooms which themselves have windows. The implementation of solutions based on LED panels will enhance your corridors and give them an aspect of light path

Desks and workstation

We need to see the light of day to synchronize our body clock. We should also benefit from a view outside for obvious psychological reasons. An assembly of LED tiles with the desired pattern will add a touch of freshness and carry a vision of heaven inside.

The natural definition to LED

Performing a set of 4 DEL tilesPerforming a set of 6 DEL tilesNaturel

Performing a set of 4 LED tiles

Performing a set of 6 LED tiles

Performing a set of 9 LED tiles

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